Alabama Wedding Photographer Samantha Alday offers a documentary style approach to photographing weddings. Her fresh and modern images are unrehearsed and capture the true emotions of the day as they actually happen. Samantha commissions a limited number of wedding events each year delivering the most in personal customer service, unique attention to detail and the specific needs of each client.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 100 - 4/10/10

As Shelby, Clark and I sat at the Gulf Shores TCBY, we were discussing how we've come to accept the fact that we are boring parents. Now I'd much rather give argument to that and convince my children that we're not really that boring; sure we're fun to be around, act like teenagers and do lots of stuff. But then at 8:13 that night as they were eating their ice cream, I realized I hadn't taken a POD yet...why?...well, I suppose it's because we hadn't really done much that interesting enough for me to have snagged a photo yet. Oh well, the truth hurts.



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