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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tip #3

Consider a First Look for pictures before the ceremony.

A few things to think about:

*What time of the day is your ceremony? If it's a late in the day ceremony or even a night service there may not be any outdoor light left for pictures, so with that we may be limited on where we'll take your pictures together.

*If you opt for a First Look, your bride and groom formals will be first; if you wait, then your bride and groom formals will be want your hair and makeup to be as fresh as possible and you want to feel fresh, too.

*Time. With a First Look, we'll usually have more time for pictures. If you wait, this may limit your time as you may feel rushed to get to your Reception to keep your guests from waiting. (There are other options here to allow us more time such as having an hour before the Reception for a Cocktail Hour).

*Stress. Believe it or not, when I see my couples see each other for the first time, it's an instant stress relief for them. Everytime. It's something about seeing one another that makes the rest of the world go away. : )

When my couples decide on a First Look, we choose a location that will be intimate and without an audience. We want your time together to be as special as can be so we can produce the most natural, genuine images of your time together. : )

Here are a few favorite First Looks:


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