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Friday, August 31, 2007

Office News

I'm feeling so ashamed! I've neglected my blog wayyyyy too much lately! Although my Summer wedding season has slowed down, my office work is crazy busy!!

What have I been doing?

Albums! Lots of albums!

Here are a few samples:
The Miller Album
The Vanek Engagement Album (Guest Signature Album)
The Trehern Album
The Chastain Album (You must check this album out! Emily and Chris' wedding was recently chosen by the knot to be one of their online featured weddings--so that should be happenin' soon!)

And that's only just a few of them! There are lots more. : ) On top of the usual daily workings of a business: filing, emails, contracts, trips to the post office, reprint orders, itineraries and planning for upcoming weddings, uploading albums for print, financial stuff like paying bills and taxes ; ), and communications with my current brides and soon-to-be brides.

I also had an amazing wedding with the Whetstone family earlier in the month! Look for that really soon! ; )
I had the wonderful, wonderful pleasure of photographing the staff of Pathway Ministries Church for their newly revised website! I'll also talk about them more later when I post a few sample images here!
I so enjoyed Ginny's Bridal Session last weekend, too! One word: gorgeous! You must check back soon for those pictures! Everyone, but Matt that'll have to wait until Oct 20! : )

So, this is what's on the agenda:

I'll be driving over to Ocean Springs, MS next week for a newborn portrait session. I'm so excited about that!! I know I don't mention it much here, but I also do lots of portraits too, so give me a call if you'd like more info on that.

Fran and David's wedding is next weekend in Destin! This will be fabulous I know. This is actually a destination wedding for them, as they are both from Brooklyn. : ) They made the perfect choice in choosing such a glorious beach for their backdrop!

After that, the wedding season once again comes full swing! October and November are full and only a few dates remain open in December.

I love it!!

So, there ya go! Until next time. ; )


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