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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation 2009

We are so fortunate to have access to a family owned beach house in Gulf Shores. This year we opted for a local vacation there and spent about 9 days sleeping late, eating, fishing and swimming, going to bed late and starting each day over just as the day before. It was sooo nice and relaxing....just what our family needed. :)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Christine and Demetrius | The Wedding | Rosewood Hall


Ceremony and Reception Location: Rosewood Hall, Soho Square, Birmingham, AL

If you followed my Facebook status a few weeks ago, you may remember the day that Chrissy and Demetrius had while trying to get married...rain, power outages, and even moving their ceremony location and time.

In spite of the obstacles, their wedding was a complete success and a blast to be apart of. Here is the sweet, sweet email I recently received from Chrissy and a couple of my favorite images.

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience last Saturday. Both you and your husband helped Demetrius and I to relax and enjoy our wedding day. In the midst of all the chaos you helped us to remember what our wedding day was really about... A celebration of our love. How humbling. Thank you again for your hard work and positive energy.

After several patient weeks of waiting, here is an update to Chrissy and Demetrius' wedding day post. This crowd was so much fun to be with, I'm especially highlighting their reception. What stood out to Clark and I both about their wedding day was that it wasn't just a wedding was a celebration!! Here is a montage of just a little of the excitement we were apart of that day!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow! (PS: The entire show will load before you can play it). ;)

You can see all of their wedding day images by visiting The Gallery and using Demetrius' last name as the access code.

On a side note, bear with me as I know I am abit behind on blogging. I do have lots to blog though: back-to-back weddings from New Orleans, Rosemary Beach and The Enon Plantation and a 10 day vacation in the midst of all that! Stay tuned for there's more to come!! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Maurine and Zach | The Wedding | Part 2 | Alabama Theater

Surreal. This is the word Maurine uttered to herself as she looked in the mirror one last time. Maurine has been counting down the days to her wedding just as she had done as a junior high kid counting down the days to her birthday. "Surreal. I can't believe it's really here and it's really time."

Warning! I've posted lots of images to share with you, so get ready! Maurine and Zach, I hope you have a wonderful new life together! :)

Don't forget the slideshow!

My shout out for this wedding is definitely the band: The Answer Band. They were such great performers as well as great entertainers. They loved the crowd and the crowd loved them. Look them up if you're in need of some great music for your wedding or event!

You can see all of Maurine and Zach's weekend wedding event images by visiting The Gallery and using Zach's last name as the access code!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Moms with Cameras | A Photography 101 Workshop

So I have a new camera, now what!??!

Registration is now open!

Just as promised, a Moms with Cameras Workshop is in the be happening very SOON! If the above statement has entered your mind at least once (after you've made that long awaited purchase for the perfect camera), then this workshop is for you!

Click here or on the above image to read more information about the when, where and what and to sign up!

Seats are limited, so be the first to check it out and register to attend.

I'm so excited about what's to offer and the fun surprises in store!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Maurine and Zach | The Wedding | Part 1

The Rehearsal

Posting Maurine and Zach's wedding weekend in two parts is only the appropriate way really to share their story. I suppose I should call their post "Curtain One" rather than Part One as Maurine and Zach are both theater actors....they sing, dance and perform. The two days we spent with them, their family and friends was so entertaining and fun; it definitely went by way too fast.

Clark and I also covered their Rehearsal Party. I am so glad they chose to add this coverage as it gave us the opportunity to learn more about them, get to know them and who they really are, as well as learn more about their friends and family.

A few things I learned about Maurine:
*She likes all things bright and colorful....aka, bright orange toenails. :)
*She loves to laugh. It's very evident too, as her smile lights up her face and the entire room.
*She counts down important events on the calendar. A junior high friend shared with us that Maurine always counted down the number of days before her birthday. Every. Day. :)

A few things I learned about Zach:
*He's a go-getter type of guy and puts 100% into everything he sets out to do. Zach's brother spoke of a time when he was thinking of tearing down a wall in the house and before he knew it Zach, with hammer in hand, began ripping right through it! :)
*He passion is singing. He whistled all day long and is hoping to get a job in Birmingham teaching voice and music.
*He loves his family and they love him. This is a biggie. It was so obvious just how much the love this family shares is the glue that holds them each together.

A montage of favorites. Part 2 | The Wedding will be posted in the next week or so!