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Monday, September 14, 2009

Rachael's Bridals

Look at you dressed up so puurty! ;) I'm used to seeing Rachael in her Mobile Infirmary uniform so it was an extreme pleasure to see her looking so amazing in her wedding gown and especially photographing her! I had so much fun with you and your mom girlfriend! You looked beautiful!

Coming up next! More of Sabrina and Steve.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Paige and Pat | Enon Plantation

We had such a great time with Paige and Pat; it was almost like we had known them for so much longer than just the one day we spent with them. They were so down to earth and welcoming and the thing is we had so much in common with them. Pat works at the Enon Plantation which is a hunting lodge for deer and bird hunters (and also the amazing setting for their reception). They graciously invited us to stay in one of the hunting lodges after the wedding. Now I know most of you are thinking hunting lodge??..that doesn't sound too appealing. But let me tell ya...I would live in this place: beautiful wood floors, walls and ceiling, leather furniture, lots of antiques and down get the idea? Clark probably thought he had died and gone to Heaven! :) Another thing is Pat takes care of the bird dogs there on the Plantation. Okay...Clark also bird hunts and that's the kind of dog our Hank is..a German Short Hair bird hunting dog. Hank is like one of my children and I can talk about him all day long and Paige and Pat didn't seem to mind at all. Thank you for humoring us even if you were bored stiff and secretly rolling your eyes! :) We even stopped by the dog kennels to look at all the dogs and it was like looking at 'little Hanks' every where! Thank you Paige and Pat so much for taking us in and welcoming us the way you did! I wish we lived closer so we could talk and visit more often! :)

Okay...enough of that...on to their wedding images! It was a glorious day! Such a beautiful location with it's blanketing mossy oaks, shimmering lakes, long dirt lanes and white picket fences. I could have taken pictures there for hours, but we had a wedding ceremony to attend! :)

Pat had a couple of onlookers while we were taking his picture.

Clark's view.

My view.

This is my favorite ring shot of all time. Really. Yes, it may be because I'm abit partial to it looking like my Hank, but this is actually one of the cake decorations from Pat's cake and yes, it was also edible. Way cool!

Don't forget the slideshow!

To see more of their wedding day images, please visit The Gallery and use Pat's last name as the access code.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Guest Bloggers Needed

**attention former brides and grooms**

In the upcoming weeks I'll be posting a new "Guest Blogger" Series. This will be a fun opportunity for you, the bride and groom, to share your personal story, engagement and/or wedding day experience or advice to future brides and grooms. You can even share your advice or story about your first year as husband and wife....or new homeowner's advice...really...anything you think new couples would like to hear and could benefit from!

I would love to share your story! If this is something you are interested in participating in, please send me an email by September 30th of your story and I'll let you know when it will be scheduled to post.