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Thursday, February 28, 2008

More about Facebook

Okay...I'm loving this. This is sooooo much fun!!! I'm still getting the hang of it and I still have alot to learn, but this is crazy fun. Look me up! Add me as a Friend! Leave me a message! Let's network! Can you tell I'm excited about this?! : ) I'm still trying to figure everything out so leave me a note or comment with some helpful tips that I may need to know! What's a poke?

Oh, my phone is working again! Woohoo!

What I'm currently working on:
Albums!! Only a couple more to go! Erin's album and Amber's album should be finished next week!! (I know you're reading this, Erin!) ; )

Taxes....sigh....'nuf said.

I'm also getting ready for a Bridal Show! I'm so excited about this! It's been a few years since I've participated in one and they are so much fun to do....lot's of hard work, but so much fun. I'll let you know more about that later.

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Okay, I have to admit that I'm very new to Facebook and I'm actually not sure what it's all about. What I do know is that it's the lastest rage...and in that case I want to be a part of it! : ) So, make sure to add me as your friend and send me a note! I look forward to seeing you there! Oh, and my home office phone is still not working so make sure you email me!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

phone trouble

Just to give ya'll a quick note to let you know that my home office phone is not working. Hopefully it will be fixed in a couple of days. Ya know how the phone company always tells you, "It will be repaired by 6 p.m. Wednesday".....soooooo, we'll see. : )

In the meanwhile, email me!!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Congratulations Shelby!

Introducing the 2007-2008 6th Grade Beauty! Shelby earned this title Saturday during the Miss LHS at her school. She was definitely beautiful! : ) (I'm still kicking myself for only taking my point and shoot instead of my super camera!)

What are you reading right now??
I don't know why lately I've been into reading biographies, but I've recently read Paula Deen's book It Ain't All About the Cookin'. This was such an interesting read to learn where she started and came from to obviously where she is now. It's really inspiring!Right now, I'm reading the lifestory of Denise Jackson, It's All About Him. Denise is the wife of country music singer Alan Jackson. The interesting thing about this is how from early in their marriage she admits building her life around her husband and his career. But when Alan failed her and their marriage struggled, she was forced to turn her life to the One who would not fail her--whose foundation was secure and non-shifting. Also, a very inspiring read.

Next on my list: Doing Business the Chick-fil-A Way by Chick-fil-A Founder, S. Truett Cathy.

I'd love to know what you're reading right now, too!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I promised it and here it is! A VALENTINE'S DAY SUPER SPECIAL SALE!

This Thursday only, February 14, all reprint orders in the online gallery will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Woohoo! I'm so excited to be offering this special to you. If you haven't placed your reprint order yet, make sure to take advantage of this deal on Thursday. Also, don't forget about Gift Certificates available in $25, $50 and $100. These make perfect Valentine's Day gifts and can be delivered by mail and by email. ; )

I also wanted to share with you this email I recently received from Erin. I told her that her emails always make me smile. I CHERISH and adore these emails. Thank you Erin. : )

ok, so if i had known that the "pickup at the post office slip" was for a package from YOU, i would have gone to get it a LONG time ago!!! i thought it was for work, so i just got around to picking it up yesterday!!! i think the postal worker thought i was crazy when i gasped and cheered YAY when i saw what he was handing me. then, i almost got in a wreck leaving the post office b/c i was using a ball point pen to stab open the tape and open the box while i was driving, then the peanuts spilled everywhere while i was headed through a traffic light and pulling out the proof book to Look!!! ... silly me, and kinda s cary that i was driving through all that... but just shows you how much i care about these pictures and have SOOOO been waiting forward to seeing them, and holding them, and framing them, etc etc etc.... i just still cant get enough of them, and love the beautiful work you did......i LOVE THEM!!!! the proof book is way more than i expected!! its almost like an album in itself! i LOVE the cover! :) thank you so much... i am still just overjoyed and in love with these pictures of the most incredible day of my life. its a day i will never forget, but visual details are hard to remember when it was so hectic and so many people, etc etc. ben and i are so happy and loving being married more and more every day.......thank you again from the bottom of my heart... this is truly the world to me. i keep on recommending yall to everyone! i hope you and clark and your family are doing great! i hope to keep in touch! :) love, Erin

On another note, Joseph will be having his 6th surgery soon. This time he will be having a skin graft done on the site of his original achilles injury. We have been doing wound care to a quarter-size wound on his leg 2-3 times a day now since November and it just won't heal. Please keep him in your prayers that this graft will work as he faces another 6 weeks of recovery. A friend reminded me that God has had His hand on Joseph this entire time and He's not going to remove it now. : ) Other than this wound, he's really doing great. He's just been released from the orthopaedic doctor and has been running and playing baseball again. It's been almost a year since his accident and we are ready to move forward and hope that he can finally put this behind him.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can read more about it here:

Joseph, Part 1

Joseph, Part 2

Joseph, Part 3

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Laura and Matt

This wedding was sooooo much fun! Really! We had a blast with Laura and Matt and each of their families. The reception was so much fun, we really didn't know how long we'd been there ...we were just having a great time!

I've posted a few of my favs here, but don't forget to check out their mini-slideshow, too!

I couldn't decide which of these I like best! : )I really love this one too, of Laura getting ready.

I thought is was pretty cool how Clark and I took these simultaneously as each were putting on their shoes!
A favorite of Laura and Matt's 'formals'...but I don't really think these are too formal at all. ; )

A favorite ceremony shot.
I love this impromtu shot Clark grabbed of Laura.

Maybe one more favorite 'formal'.. : )
Clark caught Laura rockin' out during the reception! I told you it was fun!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bea and Johnnie

Bea and Johnnie's wedding was more than just a was truly an event! There were guests from all around the world. Literally. Guests from within the States (more than I can remember), and even from New Zealand! : ) It was a celebration of sorts, not only celebrating a marriage, but also celebrating family and their time together. The weekend began with the Rehearsal and Dinner, followed by a Luncheon on the wedding day, a spa trip for the bridesmaids and ended with a Midnight Breakfast after the Wedding Ceremony and Reception. And the fun thing about it is that even after hours and hours of busyness, everyone was still laughing and having a great time together....Clark and myself included. Tons of fun ya'll!! Thanks for including us!
What a beautiful church!Having a fun time at the Rehearsal.

The wedding day Luncheon.
The Salon was almost as beautiful!

I love the 'old world' feel of this image!

Another of my favorites during the ceremony. Clark and I sat in the balcony during the ceremony and had lots of time to play around with our images to make sure we got some great ones! ; )