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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 90 - 3/31/10

Today's Picture of the Day was actually pretty easy to snag. I took my camera outside just to walk around to see what I could find and luckily the dogs found this one for me. And no, for the record this picture was not taken with a long zoom lens; I actually used my 50mm (short) lens and was able to get only a couple of feet away. It's not poisonous though...look at the eyes...they're round. ;)

It's actually a snake called the "Hog Nose" or "Spreading Adder" because it flattens its neck when it feels threatened to make itself look bigger and badder. :) This one did flatten its neck when I first approached it, but soon went on about his business without any harm. His belly was also bumpy all the way down...looks like he just had lunch.


Day 89 - 3/30/10

Only a 2 blanket night tonight...not too cold at all. ;)


Day 88 - 3/29/10


Day 87 - 3/28/10


Day 86 - 3/27/10

Congratulations Katie! Senior 2010. This is another one of those girls I've watched grow up! sigh...........



Those blue eyes just glow!


Day 85 - 3/26/10

Congratulations Phillip on your first game appearance of the season! Glad you're back from your please be careful!


Day 84 - 3/25/10


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 83 - 3/24/10

Pretty self explanatory on what's been going on around my house lately. ;)


Day 82 - 3/23/10


Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 81 - 3/22/10


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 80 - 3/21/10

Holden's mom and I became good friends when we were both pregnant...she with Holden and me with Joseph.

This was the first time I took Holden's "formal" portrait.


And this is today. Senior 2010. Congratulations Holden!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 79 - 3/20/10

All night bowling after the prom. Fun times...this photo was taken around 1:30 this morning.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 78 - 3/19/10



Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 77 - 3/18/10

Callie and Shelby show off their new manicures.


Day 76 - 3/17/10

Joseph was grinning from ear to ear as he boasted about dressing himself in his tux today. He said it took 45 minutes to figure it out, but he finally did it. It reminded me of when he was a two year old and independently declared, "I do it mama". :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 75 - 3/16/10


Day 74 - 3/15/10

By the looks of it, it seems that all three of us must have had a similar Monday. Shelby was the smarter of the four of us and had already gone to bed.


My day started off like a pretty usual day. Clock alarmed at 4 am (although it totally felt like it was 3---but really at that time of the morning, it all feels the same).

Left a few minutes early to have time to stop and get gas. Not a big deal right?

Pulled into the gas station, started pumping the gas, knew I needed a full tank, so set the nozzle on auto and got back into my was a bit chilly.

Car is still running.

Radio blaring.


It was important. I was updating my Twitter and Facebook Status.

I really wasn't in my car long, when I hear some banging and bumping going on at the back of my car.

I looked back to see a man holding the gas nozzle in his hand. My gas nozzle.

I opened my car door to find that my car was nearly floating in a lake of gas. It was everywhere.

Guess what I did next?

Turned the car off. At Guinness Record speed.

I know that man thought I was a total goof ball, but I can only the imagine the look I had on my face as I just sat there. Car door open. I haven't moved at this point. I just sat there staring at him, staring at all the gas on the ground. Completely puzzled as to what had happened.

"Whhhaaatttt happened?" Seriously? Really did I ask him that? Like he knew?

"All I know ma'am is that I heard a sound like gushing water running everywhere and I ran over and turned off the pump."

He was just as puzzled as I was.

I then attempted to get out of my car, but literally had to stand up on the car frame and jump over the pool of gas that was flowing all up under my car. The nozzle obviously didn't shut off like it was supposed to and just kept on running. What normally costs about $30 to fill up the car was at a little over $41 when that nice man stopped the pump.

He was also kind enough to ask me, "would you like me to push your car out of the gas before you crank it?"

And with that, I opened my mouth again with the dumbest of dumbest replies, "do you think I need to?" Again I thought to myself, did I just say that out loud.

He looked at me with that same look he had earlier and answered, "it only takes a spark."

"Well by all means brother, start pushin'". And he did.

That was a really nice man.

I never did ask the gas station attendant for a $10 credit; I thought I'd just leave that alone.

From there, I actually still make it to work on time...feeling somewhat flustered, but I did make it. I only had a few gas fumes still lingering in my head, but all was well.


About 30 minutes into my work, another employee asked me, "do you know you're only wearing one earring?"

What?!! Really people??!!! One earring!!?? I have short hair, I have to have earrings!!

Breathe. It's going to be okay I tell myself and calmly remove the lone earring from the one ear and go on about my morning.

A short while later, I come to realize that there is a jewelry sale going on upstairs in the Atrium. It's at that moment, the clouds parted and I could feel the heat of the sunshine shining down upon me.

I'll be right back, I told my supervisor. And in just a few minutes I returned smiling with a new, shiny, $5 pair of earrings.

One for each ear.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 73 - 3/14/10

Just to be totally honest with you, I've really developed a love/hate relationship with this 365 Project. There are days when I'm having a good picture day and then there are those days when I'm not. Days when I'm really pleased with my picture and days when I'm taking a picture just to be taking it....just so I'll have something to post.

Along this 365 journey though, I have discovered a couple of things:
First, I cannot go anywhere without my camera! I've tried blogger friends. I've tried not to lug it around or use the excuse that I probably won't find anything interesting to take a picture of anyway. Can you say **wrong**! Every time I've left my camera behind, I've always found myself staring at an amazing photo opportunity and then slowly watch it slip right on by, wishing I had brought my camera with me so I could capture it.

Another issue I've run into is that there are days when it is super hard to post only one picture! Do I really have to make a choice? Can't I post more than one? Is that a rule? Will someone call the "365" Police and report me? Really, what could happen?

Today, I find myself in that position. Again. I have more than one photo to post. I'm going to continue to live life right there on the edge and break the rules again.

These first two images are in honor of Clark's Grandpa, otherwise known as Paw. Today he celebrates being 82 years young! Go Paw! Clark and Joseph walked around with him this afternoon along a path made by the many footsteps he's taken walking to and from his pond.

Grandpa, Grandson, Great-Grandson.


Paw had strict instructions to "do a lot of editing on those pictures". :)


This next image is for Laura. We've laughed a couple of times that we've almost posted the same picture....on the same day! As I was looking at her photo of the day today, Clark walked by and said to me, "great picture, aren't you glad you took it!?"....Funny thing it wasn't mine..."it's not mine", I said, "it's Laura's!". Clark and I had just come in from taking pictures of the same purple flowers! The same purple flowers Laura has posted on her blog today!


Day 72 - 3/12/10

It was another great (and cold) day of baseball. Some actually may not say it was great, but for me as a mom, it was all good. Sometimes win or lose, it's how the game is played....and although we lost our first game, Joseph played a great game and for that I am a proud mom. :)

The first game of the day, Joseph did a great job of pitching against a top opposing team. We lost 5-3.


Our second game of the day rocked on into the early evening and we won in extra innings 9-7.


Day 71 - 3/12/10

The blooming flowers say it's Spring, but the temperature says it's still Winter.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 70 - 3/11/10

We have to be careful what we leaving laying around, 'cause Zack will always test it out to see how comfy it is.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69 - 3/10/10

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Day 68 - 3/9/10

I walked out on my front porch this morning thinking about my picture for the day. Nothing fancy really, just how the rain was falling on my front porch steps.

Then as I turn to go inside, I find Zack taking his usual post at the front door watching the actually go out in the rain...

He's much too regal for that.

This is also his normal response to me calling his name.

He must have woke up on the wrong side of the hood of the car this morning.

But then I wondered if something frightened poor kitty.

Or it could've been he caught first glimpse of my morning hair.

But soon realized he probably heard Hank walking up behind him.

And because Zack hates Hank. Why?   Probably because he's just...well, because he's just Hank...Zack wanted no more part of his post at the door.

And with that, Hank proud-fully, if only for a minute, enjoyed having his turn at the post.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Day 67 - 3/8/10


My URL (aka blog address) has changed again...thanks

Yes, I hate it. Yes, I'll probably change it back to a custom domain at some point or another, but for now, this'll have to do.

Don't forget to UPDATE YOUR FEED!

Thanks for your patience, now on to my pic of the day! We actually hit the upper 60's today! B...eau..ti..ful day!! ;)

Fine Art Prints Day 67

Day 66 - 3/7/10

Address change after today's post. The new blog address is now:

A teacup saucer that belonged to my great grandmother when she was a child.

Day 65 - 3/6/10

Friday, March 05, 2010

Day 64 - 3/5/10

Clark cooks the hamburgers and hot dogs for all of the home games at Leroy. Here lately, he's been cooking more than just hamburgers for himself and the other dads. I've seen him back there nibblin' on chicken wings, pork tenderloin and tonight he was grilling Red Fish. Before the night is out, there are usually about 10-15 guys hanging out with him around the grill.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Day 63 - 3/4/10

Just like many of you, I struggle with finding the right time for my own personal Bible study and/or devotion time. I get up running in the morning and fall dead in the bed at can fill in your own blanks with what you do in between. It's called crazy busy! But I've been determined to not allow the busy-ness get the best of me. I find that when I do, my brain matter starts slowly (or rather quickly at times) ooze right out onto the floor and I seriously lose all control.

It's not pretty.

So this week, I have come up with my own solution to have a devotion every day. I'm calling it my Toilet Time. I've placed my Journey and other spiritually inspiring reading materials right next to my toilet. We all know that that time cannot be avoided! (I think I'm sharing wayyyy too much here).

So I encourage you if you're not already having your own quiet time of study and devotion, get your Bible, Journey, Our Daily Bread, etc. and go sit on the toilet!

Just don't sit too long.

You'll get hemorrhoids.

I can't believe I just said the word hemorrhoids on the world wide web.

Happy reading! :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Day 62 - 3/3/10

You know me as a professional photographer, you know the other me as a nurse, and now you know the real me. ;)

Day 61 - 3/2/10

Our church is so pretty with the lights shining on its steeple, but ironically in the rain they seemed to glow a little brighter.  How interesting to think that even in our own storms, our light should shine brighter? 

Day 60 - 3/1/10